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3D/4D Info

See your baby's smile in 3D/4D.

3D ultrasound are images of your baby without any motion and 4D ultrasound simply means that real time movement has been added to a 3D image.  A 3D/4D ultrasound can be performed @  any stage of your pregnancy.  However, we recommend coming in for your first visit at 25 weeks.  If you are coming in for a two visit package you can come in as early as 15 weeks.

With a 3D/4D ultrasound you have the ability to see your baby's first smile, thumb sucking, wave and many other cute facial expressions inside of the womb.  Study's have shown that when a mother sees her baby in 3D/4D the pregnancy becomes more real.  We encourage expectant parents to bring love ones to experience the joy of seeing your baby in 3D/4D.  We feel that 3D/4D ultrasounds provide a connection between parents and child that is beneficial for the entire family.

Our quality is in the 3D/4D images, which has amazing clarity and resolution.  Great images are a product of an experienced sonographer and a high quality ultrasound machine.  We use GE Voluson 730 that produces the Best 3D/4D images.

Our 3D/4D packages are very affordable.  There are NO unexpected fees or costs and we offer monthly specials.  We accept visa, mc, debit cards and cash.

ALL of our Packages come with a "Mommy Bag" filled with products, discounts & samples. All packages with DVD's, CD's, and pictures are ready for you to take home on the day of your session.

We offer Heartbeat Stuffed Animals.  We will record your baby's heartbeat & we will place it inside an adorable sutffed animal that you will hug and love forever.

ATTENTIONFor pricing click the pricing tab for each location for information on packages. We do  require that all appointments are held with a debit or credit card, however, if you would like to pay with a different form of payment at the time of your appointment you can.  If you don't have a debit  or credit card to hold your appointment you can come into the office and  prepay 1/2 with cash. Your debit or credit card will not incur a charge if you cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours.



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